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recently discovered Jehoash inscription – is it really a fake?
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Take a look at a range of high quality maps relating to the Old Testament, including the journey of Abraham, the route of the Exodus, and the ktingdoms of David and Solomon.
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“The most profound use that can be made of the Bible is not to treat it as a law book, but to seek to hear and act in accordance with its prophetic voice, a prophetic voice that is disturbing and unconventional, and which can never be content with the world as it is.” (John W. Rogerson in An Introduction to the Bible, Penguin, 1999 )
Useful Sites for O.T Study

On this page we aim to list other sites that people interested in the Old Testament might find useful and informative. However, just because a site is listed it does not mean that the authors agree with its content!

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An excellent site offering timelines of events relating to Jerusalem, virtual model panoramas of Jerusalem and the Temples, as well as short biographies of a number of historical personalities linked with Jerusalem
A site which incorporates the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars.
This site offers a range of maps relating to the Old Testament, including the journey of Abraham, the route of the Exodus, and the kingdoms of David and Solomon. These high quality maps can be downloaded easily and you are permitted to use these maps freely for personal and educational use (please refer to the site for details).
A site which offers a variety of maps relating to the Old Testament and which are based on NASA satellite images. The maps are easily downloadable and can be used free for many educational purposes (see site for details)
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Heythrop College

Heythrop College, the specialist Theology and Philosophy college of the University of London.

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