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Find out more about the
recently discovered Jehoash inscription – is it really a fake?
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Take a look at a range of high quality maps relating to the Old Testament, including the journey of Abraham, the route of the Exodus, and the ktingdoms of David and Solomon.
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“The most profound use that can be made of the Bible is not to treat it as a law book, but to seek to hear and act in accordance with its prophetic voice, a prophetic voice that is disturbing and unconventional, and which can never be content with the world as it is.” (John W. Rogerson in An Introduction to the Bible, Penguin, 1999 )

Welcome to The Old

This is a brand new site dedicated to the study of the Old
Testament / Hebrew Bible.
It is being launched to coincide with the publication of a new book The Original Story: God, Israel and the World by John Barton and Julia Bowden on 16/06/2004.
The site will offer excerpts from the book, as well as comments on issues of Old Testament scholarship and links to other sites of interest.

So, if you are interested in any aspect of the Old Testament this site is for you!

If you come across a good site that you think others should know about or if you want us to respond to a particular issue then please contact us ….

About the book
The book is what the authors hope is a comprehensive and lively guide to the Old Testament for readers of all faiths and of none. It provides information covering history, archaeology, geography and textual interpretation, and explores major themes such as the nature of God, the covenant relationship between God and Israel, the historicity of the Old Testament. There are also chapters focusing on the different literary genres such as prophecy,  law and wisdom literature. Along the way there are information boxes which explain technical terms and interesting facts and which provide short biographies of Old Testament characters. Questions for discussion and quotations from relevant scholars are also included in each section.

It is an ideal companion for students beginning their study of the Old Testament.

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This degree is offered in part-time mode by the Theology Department at Newman College Birmingham. To gain the award a student takes 6 taught modules and writes a Dissertation.There are also Certificate and Diploma options within this M level degree.The focus of the programme is an analysis of contemporary perspectives on Christian thought, with modules based on Biblical Studies, on contextual theology and ethical theory.
For more information or for a leaflet please contact Dr Mary Mills at Newman College (
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